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How To Find Turning Point 2 In Any Story Plot

In the Act 2, there are two very important plot points: Firstly, the midpoint, which you can find it near the actual middle of the story, dividing the second act in two halves and secondly, the Turning Point 2 (or Plot Point 2), which is near the end of act 2.

Of course, there are many important turning points in a story, but, turning point 1 and 2 are the most significant because those points move the story towards a new act. Just like Turning Point 1 pushes the story towards Act 2, Turning Point II pushes the story towards Act 3. These are two major changes in the story, which are considered basic for its further development.

The most important thing about Turning Point 2 is that the protagonists realise at this point that “It hasn’t ended yet!”

Turning Point 2 (plot point 2) may seem as the end of the story, but it isn't!

We are at the end of Act 2, and the protagonists are exhausted from the entire journey, they are completely worn out, but… we’re not just yet in the end! There’s still need for more effort, there’s one final step to take, one final chapter to go through.

Many times at this point, the protagonists lose everything they have. If they give up now, the film would end badly for them, but they don’t. Somehow, they manage to acquire the strength and courage to move on and to try one more thing.

Other names for Turning Point 2

Other names we use for this important Turning Point 2 of the Second Act are:

  • Plot Point 2
  • Low Point
  • All is lost
The aha moment sometimes is closer to the turning point 2 (plot point 2)

The aha moment

In this Turning Point 2 sometimes we have what we call the “aha moment“. Usually, it’s NOT the most important “aha moment” of the film, the most important is usually in Act 3, but it’s something that helps the protagonists pick up their pieces and move on.
This is the moment where usually a realisation, a new idea or a new information comes forward and urges the protagonists to head on.
Usually, this is where act 2 ends, and act 3 begins. When a new “chapter” begins for the protagonists, which is going to be the final chapter, the one that will lead them towards the end of the story.

So, since there’s so close connection between the Turning Point 2 and the beginning of act 3, it is very important to know how to find the Beginning of Act 3.

So, here’s my method on how to locate the Turning Point 2.


  1. First, find the beginning of Act 3. If you don’t know how, read the relevant post or watch the relevant episode by Scriptwriting Tips on “how to find the Beginning of Act 3”.
  2. Now, find what led to Act 3. What’s the event that leads the protagonist to act 3. That’s the Turning Point II.
  3. If nothing else works… try to locate the moment where “all is lost” for the protagonists.
  • In the Turning Point 2, you can find two possible versions:
    • Either everything is going wrong for the protagonists and it seems that all is lost. It’s the lowest point that the protagonists reach.
    • Or the protagonists may have achieved everything they wanted. They have a winning but it’s usually only a half winning or even a false winning, because they suddenly realise that there’s something else they actually need and their journey hasn’t ended yet.

In the first case, when there is a low point for the protagonists I find very interesting what the Pixar Team has to say on this, from Pixar in a box:At the end of act 2, something really bad happens to your characters to force them to confront the things that they didn’t want to confront at the end of act 1. […] This is why act 2 exists.”

Here, I’ve created a video for you with everything you need to know on what is the Turning Point 2 and how to locate it in a story or a film, with some film examples as well.

I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to share your comments or tips or even your requests for new posts and episodes.

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