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    What is the Aha moment – Hero’s Powerful Realisation

    An eye is the last piece of a puzzle showing a surprised man wearing glasses.

    Hey guys, we’re back with the last important plot point of the 3-act structure!As I’ve mentioned before a screenplay has many plot points, but until now, Ι’ve chosen to talk about the most important ones, those that, in my opinion, are necessary to include in your scripts. However, there’s one left to discuss. It’s the plot point that I like to call the “aha moment”.

  • Screenwriters Beginners,  Story Structure

    How To Find Turning Point 2 In Any Story Plot

    In the Act 2, there are two very important plot points: Firstly, the midpoint, which you can find it near the actual middle of the story, dividing the second act in two halves and secondly, the Turning Point 2 (or Plot Point 2), which is near the end of act 2. Of course, there are many important turning points in a story, but, turning point 1 and 2 are the most significant because those points move the story towards a new act. Just like Turning Point 1 pushes the story towards Act 2, Turning Point II pushes the story towards Act 3. These are two major changes in the story,…