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    How To Write The Best Climax Scene for Your Story

    Hey guys, I’m sure you all have heard screenwriters talking about the Climax. Well, that’s because the Climax is the most expected turning point from the audience. It’s the scene we’re patiently waiting to see through the entire movie.So what exactly is Climax? How can we locate it in movies? And… how can we write Climax in our own stories?

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    The Difference Between Scene And Sequence In A Film

    Welcome to a new section by Scriptwriting tips: it’s the screenwriting basics! With the Screenwriting Basics we ’re going to cover mostly basic knowledge about screenwriting, so feel free to ask any question you want, no matter how simple you think it is, in the comment section below. For our first post in this section we’re going to find out the difference between Scene and Sequence in a film. I know it seems as a basic thing, but there are many people out there trying to work in the film industry that don’t really know what’s a sequence. In order to clarify that, I feel I must explain first the…

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    How to find the Midpoint in two Steps – Story Structure

    Midpoint is, as the word says, the plot point in the middle of the story. Even though we’re talking about 3 acts, the midpoint divides the second act into two equal parts. So, the 3-act structure is basically 4 acts. The midpoint is not just the major plot point of Act 2. It is also one of the most important plot points in the entire story, it’s the Queen of plot points!

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    How To Find Plot Point 1 In Your Screenplay

    One of the easier plot points to find is the Plot Point 1 or Turning Point 1. Because it’s right before the end of Act 1 and the beginning of Act 2. It’s when the adventure actually starts. But, what do we mean when we say Act 2. We (usually) mean the Middle of the story. There are some easy tips on how to find the beginning of Act 2 here as well as a video here.