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    Call to Adventure and Inciting Incident: NOT the Same Thing

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    So many people in the industry mention the Inciting Incident and the Call to Adventure as if they were the exact same thing… which results in a lot of confusion regarding in which scene one can find the one or the other. In this article, I’m going to explain what’s the matter with this confusion and why the two of them are NOT the same thing.

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    How to find The Beginning of Act 2 (video)

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    In my opinion, the Beginning of Act 2 is probably the easiest plot point there is to find. I’ve created a video for you with everything you need to know on how to locate the second Act in a story or a film, based on the 3-Act Structure model. Act 2 begins when the adventure actually starts. What do we mean when we say Act 2 in the 3 Act Structure Model? We (usually) mean the Middle of the story. Try not to confuse the Middle with the Midpoint. I explain here thoroughly what the Midpoint is. And when the Middle begins? Right after we have learned all the backstory. Think of it…